Quick Hint Tuesday

Thinning the Garden--we are up to the point where most of the garden has emerged and now we need to thin it. The best way to do that is with a pair of scissors, just snip off the stem of the unneeded plants. That way you don't disturb the soil of the plants that you want to grow big and strong.

Yahoo Notes--I use My Yahoo as my homepage. It's handy because it has a calendar, a calculator, the weather report, in addition to the mail and news. But now I've added Note to Self for a long running list of things that I want to do. I titled it Making Life Better and I have sections for projects, garden, and blog ideas.

Spinach--spinach goes in practical everything we eat now. Quiche! Chicken in puff pastry! Pizza! BLT? No BST! Guests for dinner--spinach/strawberry salad! We keep buying those big boxes of organic spinach, use it up and then have to buy another one.

1 comment:

georgia b. said...

i wish i had a garden that i could take advantage of your tips with.

i will point my sister to your blog, though. she has a wonderful garden.