What Plants Work in Your Garden?

After three years of threatening to do it, I finally got the center island planted! Thanks to Brad for all the irrigation lines and Justin for the hauling the rocks and dirt and helping me plant.

I spent the three years thinking about the garden. There are so many requirements here. The plants must be drought-tolerant, bunny-resistant, frost-proof. The flower colors must combine well (pinks, purples, blues, and silver).

This is what I've planted so far: dianthus (sweet william), lemon thyme, delphinium, dogwood, veronica, salvia, nepeta (catmint), columbine, guara, peony, bleeding heart, cranesbill, baspista, artemesia.

This is what I still want: lavendar, agastache, allium, iris, soapwort, echinacea, buddleia, penstemon.

Now that the basics are set, I expect that this will be a continuing, evolving process. I am excited about the possibilities.

Do you have any plants that are fantastic in your garden? Share some ideas with us.


Georgia B. said...

these are gorgeous! so glad you stopped by my blog so that i could find yours.

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

we planted lupin last year and it is coming back really well. daffodils, iris, tulips and grape hycianth (sp?) also do well here for the early spring color. Oh and we usually plant marigolds because they help keep the bugs (mosquitos I hear) away. and on a non flower line the chick-n-hens do great if you get the right variety.

Georgie said...

What beautiful flower photo's. How I wish my flowers would look as good as yours.

On the positive side my cherry, plum and apple trees are really loaded this year.

Cathy said...

Lupine are a wonderful suggestion, I forgot about them. They do well here. I don't like marigolds at all though, they stink! No wonder bugs hate them.