"So, What Do You Do?"

Over 500 posts here and I have never even mentioned what we do for a living! Well, we just finished our website design and I want to show it off.

Brad has been a roofing contractor in the Tahoe-Truckee area for 30 years now. As you can imagine, that is a difficult profession with all the snow and ice to cope with. Our son, Jeremy, is now the one in charge of the crews and the actual completion of the work. We finally came to the realization that it is too hard to roof in the winter, and that is why we have free time for 4 months out of the year. And Jeremy gets to go off and be a ski racing coach at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort every year.

As a complimentary business, we also have another company that distributes a radiant heating system, West Coast Heatizon. We got involved in this because it can be used on the edges of roofs to melt the snow and ice, but it is also used to melt snow in driveways and walkways, and inside floors to heat buildings. It doesn't use water and pipes like most radiant systems, it's all electric. We have it in our floors in our home and it is a dream come true.

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Dad's website looks great