Limoncello Glasses

It's thrilling to uncover the perfect thing at a thrift store. I found 7 of these little gems for wine glasses at Savers for less than a dollar each. Pretty yellow and green stems with gold rims. They had four more with neon pink stems, but I couldn't go there.

They're just the right size for a bit of limoncello, not too big or too small. I had the opportunity to try them out when some old friends stopped by this weekend.

I am mixing a new batch of limoncello to be ready when I host book club next month.


Anonymous said...

Those glasses do look perfect. I like that you changed our page a bit... I like the white background, and the sweet-tart picture!


Anonymous said...

sorry I meant YOUR not our. lol

Georgie said...

I love the new, updated, colorful look.

Love Mom

Cathy said...

Thanks, Mom--I always value your opinion.

Amy--it's totally cool that you think of it as "our" blog. I hope others do too.