Quick Hint Tuesday

Fresh ground almond butter--your local grocery or health food store probably has one of those machines that grinds peanuts, or almonds, or cashews, into a smooth butter. You can get any quantity you want. I just get a little half pint or so. Enough to keep me happy for a week or two.

Wordsmith--sign up to learn a new a day. Delivered fresh to your inbox every morning.

Green Tea with ginger and mint--my new favorite drink. It has a real zip to it--delicious, hot or cold, with no sugar needed. Just brew a little green tea with a few slices of fresh ginger and a few sprigs of mint.

Gift wrap--keep colorful pieces of fabric and use them year after year to wrap gift packages.


PS. The brown sugar scrub that I described last time really is the best one I've ever used. But I made it with canola oil instead of expensive oils.

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SierraSnowSoaps said...

so glad you had a nice time down south. mom and dad were very happy to see you.
congrats on the grandbaby! how exciting for your whole family. your mom must be so proud of you all.
sugar scrubs are fantastic and do not hurt as much as salt if you have a cut.
love the wordsmith! with Keely being in 10th grade they are already looking into schools and took pre SAT tests to see how they would score. I now have an SAT question of the day sent to me everyday from www.collegeboard.com/ It is amazing how many people (myself included) can answer the english, reading questions and miss the math questions. I guess we remember what we use.
Michelle in NV