Fruit Bowl

An interesting conversation occurred when my sister noticed my fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. She was surprised to see an onion in the middle; she thought that it would make the fruit smell bad. I picked it up and said, "But onions don't smell." We both sniffed it and agreed, onions with skins don't smell.

"But," I said, "You should never keep your apples and bananas together like this."

"Why?" she asked.

My mother answered her, "Because the apples release gases that are bad for bananas. If you want to ripen fruit you put it in a bag with an apple to make it ripen faster."

I told her, "That's right. If you want to save your fruit and veggies, you should put them in a green bag."

"What? What's a green bag?"

So we told her about Debbie's Green Bags. My mother offered to give her some.

Lisa said, "I need to come to your house more often. I learn amazing things."

I keep a large wooden bowl on the counter to encourage us to notice the fruits and veggies and eat them up. I realize they would last longer in the refrigerator, but they tend to get buried in there. We never buy more than 2 or 3 bananas at a time, so we eat them within a day or two. Right now it is overrun with kiwis because I read an article on how good they are for you, and then we saw a giant basket of them at Costco.


Georgie said...

The green bags really do work. I've had some pears in one for about 3 weeks now. I take out one at a time, otherwise I don't think I would ever get to eat them!
I'll leave the pears in the bag when I go to Hawaii next week and I'll see if they are still hard when I get back?
Love Mom

Delena said...

You are so right about fruits. If I put them in the fridge they get forgotten. I find that fruits and vegetables are so fresh here that you have to eat them quickly. Back home they stay good for at least a week as they have so much chemicals on them. I must look for these green bags to use here.