Sea Glass

I knew there would be much sea glass to be found at low tide after the big storm last weekend. Brad is excellent at spotting the little gleaming pieces, twinkling in the sunlight. He hands his discovers to me and I edit out the ones that are too big, or too small, or not polished enough. We are so pleased when we find a soft green or teal blue.

I have a large clear vase that I keep them in at home. I bring it out in the summer. Inside the vase I have a clear drinking glass with a candle inside. The sea glass fills the space between the two. When the candle is lit, the glass glows very cheerfully.


Dominique said...

Love sea glass too! I like your idea with the candle, might try it...

Nessie Noodle said...

I bet that is just beautiful. What a great idea and way to enjoy the little treasures.
ps thanks for the handmedown.com link yesterday- fantastic resource!

(Do you know if you are going to be grandma to a little boy or girl yet?)

Cathy said...

Nessie~Well, we are getting very close, another week or two. I'll just say that your cute-as-a-button photos of Mr. O are making me very anxious to meet my new grandchild.

Delena said...

I have never even heard of sea glass. How beautiful.

Linda Jereb said...

Really pretty pixs of really pretty sea glass.

You may want to check out our member only (no commerical - agenda and jewelry free) community at http://www.seaglasslovers.ning.com

I think you would like it a be a welcomed member!

Lisl Armstrong said...

Hi Cathy,

I hope it is OK that I am posting this here. I would like to invite you to join Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors which is a community made up of sea glass enthusiasts. I hope to see you there.

Here is the link:



lisl Armstrong