Patagonia Lake/Madera Canyon

At Patagonia Lake they have avian patoon boat tours for only $3! such a deal! We got an hour ride with experienced birders pointing out all the waterfowl and other birds. My favorite find was the black capped night herons roosting in the trees. Also the brilliant red cardinals were heart stopping. The red headed gila woodpecker, above, spent three days drilling the tree beside our campsite.
An absolute jewel in Southern Arizona is the Madera Canyon. Lovely hikes and spectacular scenery. We got caught in a downpour, but it was worth it to see all that beautiful countryside. From the top of the nature trail, if you look south, it looks like Peru; if you look north, it looks the African savannah. They have a lodge and a B&B, but no camping. I would say it would definitely be worth staying there.

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