Where Are We?

I honestly have no idea where we are--somewhere close to the middle of upper Thailand. Seems like everyday involves visiting some crazy market and taking a boat ride along a river. I love the river rides; so much to see, the towns, the wildlife, the little river houses. Lunch was served on this rice barge above this afternoon. We actually stayed in little bungalows on the River Kwai. Which was wonderful until Brad and I discovered that our bed was full of ants! We had to change rooms quickly.

The food has been really fabulous and those of you who know me, know that I am a finicky eater. But it has really been delicious, not too spicy, wonderful veggies, unusual fruits too. I will give a much more detailed report in another post.

Yesterday was special because we visited a school. The children held our hands and walked us through the school, did a musical performance, and took us on a home visit. We handed out ice cream to them and everyone enjoyed it--adults and children alike.

Sorry that it is hard to add photos here. Hopefully I will have a group picture for you tomorrow or the next day.

Special note from Sandy and Georgie 2: Hello to favorite daughter.

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