Every morning we met up with our guide, Ron. All of us, 12 women and two couples, climb onto our private "Hoochie Bus." We call it that because the interior has bright purple swirls everywhere with purple swag curtains on each window. But it's cool and comfortable after the heat of the city. We are not used to such humidity and wilt quickly.

Yesterday's we toured through the canals. Riding along these waterways you see people washing dishes and children swimming in the same dirty water as the monitor lizards, some of them six feet long. We went through a lock and rode up to a lovely home where the owner gave us a cooking demonstration. She made red curry for us, not too spicy. We also saw the Royal Barges Museum, where they keep the king's boats. Beautiful. We have had to change our schedule somewhat because of the Princess's funeral procession. She died six months ago, but will be cremated and buried this week.

We were unimpressed with the famous PotPong night market. Brad says it was like a cheap Tijuana street fair. There are many disco bars, filled with lady-boys. I did think it was pretty funny that one of the vendors told Georgie 2, "Don't worry. We have sizes for big girls too."

Today was our first temple and I was impressed with the beauty of it. I will have many pictures later. There is no way to add them from here. There will be no internet for the next few days, but I will post again after that.


Anonymous said...

Hi to Georgie ("G") and the new comer to the group, Sandy S., my mom. You tell "G" shes not a big girl but, i sure got a good laugh from the comment! Have a great/safe trip and thanks for the updates.

Inger said...

Hi Cathy, you don't know me - but I wanted to say "Thanks" for letting us follow along on your blog. I'm Signa's youngest daughter, Inger. Please tell her that I'm thinking of her (and all of you) on this great adventure, and that I miss her. Lots of love from Munich! -Inger

The McGinnis Boys said...

It just turned 12:00am on 11/5/2008 (Bangkok time).

Happy Birthday Mom!

We hope you are having an amazing time.

- Brian and Mike.