Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Brad and I have agreed that this was the ultimate music event of our lives. We've seen some pretty incredible stuff over the years, but this topped it all.

I was most excited to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I loved it, Brad loved it, Amy and her friend love it, Tim loved it, and so did the 60,000 people sitting behind us. Yep, we were right up front. We only got there five hours early to get those seats! But a free show in Golden Gate park, we knew it would be phenomenal.

My other favorite moment was when the lead singer of Poor Man's Whiskey, dress in full Mariachi costume, proposed to his girlfriend on stage. It was a tear jerker.

It's hard to write about incredible music because you can't capture the sound and energy of it and you just end up rolling off names of performers. This is something that you have to experience live. I did get to see Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, and Emmylou Harris. The crowd is unlike anything I've ever seen, happy, positive, mellow, just having fun and enjoying this great treat.

I have to mention that this three days of heaven is the brain child of Warren Hellman. He funds the whole thing from his own pocket. And gives it as a gift to us. Simply amazing!

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