Reno Roller Girls

The School of Hard Blocks aka Hardcore Roller Derby, The Miss Fits vs The School Girls, were mostly young girls, 18-25ish, who were trying real hard to be tough. It was fun and entertaining show, although they weren't nearly as leathery as they made out to be. I felt like I would have a chance if I was out there.

I learned how points are scored: there is a group of blockers from both sides that skate together in as two "jammers," one from each team skate through the group. Whichever jammer makes it through first becomes the lead jammer. She circles around again and makes her way through the block again. She earns a point for each blocker from the oppositing team that she makes it past. Of course the blockers are doing whatever they can to make sure that she doesn't pass at all. That's where the pushing, body checks, and tripping comes in.

They had a penelty box in the center with a big dunce cap. They also made two girls have a pillow fight. And a giant tug of war between both teams. Not sure how this came about, but it certainly added another dimension to the entertainment.

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