Delta Blues

We went to the Delta for some real down home blues this weekend, not the Mississippi Delta, but the California Delta. It is another obscure, but wonderful, part of California that few people know about. Old towns full up with history like Locke, Isleton, Antioch, Rio Vista. Endless dried corn fields and orchards of super scrumptious pears. Giant wind farms. Draw bridges. Hidden sloughs. Nighttime campfires of the fishermen on the banks. Places to eat like Mac's--wine for $2.5o a glass, dinner of pasta with meat sauce, veggies, soup, salad, and bread $5.95.

We were drawn to the festival in Antioch because of the quality line-up and the fact that it was free. Our friend was there bright and early, of course, to save us a nice area right up front. I was impressed with David Landon, as good as any guitarist with a strong voice. One of the reasons we came, Terry Evans, because I just adore his soulful singing. Mojo Party Band earns their name with enthusiastic shinanigans. Chris Cain will always be our first love. The guy is so incredible that all the performers of the day were lined up, watching his every move. Kirk Fletcher, past guitarist for the Fabulous Thunderbirds, played hard while Finis Tasby did us the honor of singing for us. Once again, the very best combination of music, people, & sunshine.

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