Whole Foods--Reno Style

I guess somethings really are worth waiting for. Last month a brand new Whole Foods store finally came to Reno. Because we were so late in getting one, we got the newest, brightest, biggest version. It is truly beautiful.

I could rave on & on & on about the meats from the butcher, the fresh breads from the bakery, the pizza oven, the sushi chef, the PRODUCE SECTION! But what's really spectacular is the Culinary Center with daily demonstrations and tastings. And the "make your own trail mix" bar--granola, chocolate chips, raisins, dried fruits, nuts--mix and match. And the four big salad bar islands, filled with delicious healthy foods, some traditional salad-type things, but other exotic prepared foods.

At lunch time, it's crazy busy with everyone filling their plates and taking them out to the patio in front of the store, reveling in the cooling effect of the misters.

I can definitely imagine myself going there this winter when I've been housebound too long and warming myself at that gorgeous rock fireplace with comfy couches and free wi-fi.


Del said...

The pictures of the salad bar look divine. So fresh and yummy looking!

Tiffany said...

I love Whole Foods! I wish we would get one...closer than Portland (which is a 40 minute drive for me). Whenever I get the opportunity to meet up for lunch with my buddy Andy (who lives within walking distance of Whole Food - totally jealous), that's where we go.

Next time you walk in, soak up a little of that yummy goodness for me, would ya? :^)