Quick Hint Tuesday

Kitchen sponges--keep your sponge in the dishwasher permanently. I could never find a good place for it next to the sink. Now it's always close, always in the same place, and always sanitized from the latest wash cycle.

Eat This, Not That--I am currently obsessed with this book (available at Costco for $10). Compares the best choices in a given situation, listing specific restaurants and fast food joints, grocery store selections, and drink options. I was horrified to learn that my favorite Smartfood popcorn is a "Not That." Hint: the website covers all the basics too.

Method daily shower--this non-toxic spray cleaner keeps soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew from your shower. And it smells delicious, ylang ylang, whatever that is.

--a new blog to me. I really enjoy reading about this young homemaker and her very practical solutions to everyday situations. Rachel and her family just had a no-spend month. Very interesting.


Rachel said...

Thank you, Cathy! Goodness the website for Eat This, Not That is very addicting! It's definitely one to bookmark. Thanks for sharing the tips.

michelle said...

Cathy, I use ylang ylang to scent soap. My friend from the Philippines says it "e-lan e-lan", others say it "ya-lang ya-lang".It is a light floral scent and the tree grows in the Philippines. here is a link on how to pronounce it, although everyone says it a bit different. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ylang-ylang

I have been very busy getting ready for BM. Last week while I was in Reno I stopped by the store you had in your blog a while ago, The Junkee. It made me feel better about the clothes I have been putting together. I think I shall fit in OK. We are almost done fixing up the old, and I mean old, motorhome my friend bought, it is almost cute.

Cathy said...

Hey, thanks for the info, Michelle. I know you know a lot about scents and soaps. My mom gave me one of your soaps as a gift once. Delicious!

I am jealous of you going to BM. It was hard to decide not to go. I've been 7 times, so we need to give it a rest. Maybe next year.