Preparing for Guests

I love having company. Sharing the pleasures of our own home with friends and family is one of my greatest joys. And preparing for the visit is half the fun.

Food plans--decide what to serve for meals (or where to dine out), and what to have available for snacks and drinks. Do all the shopping in advance, prep all the food that you can early.

Sleeping arrangements--decide who sleeps where, change the sheets, dust the furniture, vacuum the carpet, open the windows.

Supplies--bottled water, extra toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap in the shower, books and magazines they might enjoy.

Clean the house--bathrooms and kitchen spotlessly.

Activity Plans--think of what would be unusual in your area to see based on your guests' personalities. We are big on board games and campfires around here (s'mores!). Check the papers and the internet for local goings-on. Leave plenty of room for alternatives and down time.

Flowers--if it's possible, cut some flowers and/or leaves from your garden. Or pick some up from the store.

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