I know this is nothing new to most of you, but Netflix has been a wonderful thing in our lives lately; we've seen 3 or 4 movies a week. It's another way we get to spend time together. Brad has been quite generous about going along with my choices. Since I basically refuse to watch anything with gratuitous violence, that pretty much eliminates anything he would choose. My taste in movies is what you might call quirky. I avoid the big, popular movies and instead search out the oddball, but quality ones. You can specify categories of DVDs that you prefer, so I have films based on contemporary literature, documentaries, music, and independent; they give me suggestions based on those. RottenTomatoes.com is valuable for getting an good overview of the plot outline and a rating based on the opinions of hundreds of film critics. I won't watch anything with lower than 70% in general.

How many of these have you seen?

Death at a Funeral
2 Days in Paris
Rocket Science
The Darjeeling Limited
This is England
Across the Universe
Who Killed the Electric Car?
The Savages
The US vs. John Lennon
The Feast of Love


Tiffany said...

Really want to see Death at a Funeral, Junebug, Across the Universe & The Feast of Love.

Wasn't as impressed with The Darjeeling Limited as I hoped. :^(

I miss Netflix - I need to consider rejoining.

Enjoy your movies!

Del said...

I have not heard of any of these movies. I must lead a sheltered life. LOL!
I try to avoid the movies that they advertise constantly. These are usually the worst movies.