I have a confession: I spend way too much time on my computer~and I mean way too much. As of today, it's over. I want to return to real life, it's a beautiful spring. I want to be outside enjoying it, not inside re-reading the gloomy news. Years ago, I weaned myself off television for the same reason.

Many times a day I feel the pull, a phantom tug that draws me towards the computer, just to check. It sits open, online, ready at all times right there in the middle of the house. No more. The box is closed for business. All weekend, when I would feel that familiar yearning to see what's happening inside the box, I would firmly say, "NO," and immediately move to do something else.

I will check e-mail and news once in the morning (and probably again in the evening, quickly). I will continue to write the blog, because I feel that it's an important component of my life--examining what's important to me. But I'm letting go of the rest of it. Instead of checking the RSS feed fifteen times a day, I'll do it once or twice a week--most of these people don't write daily anyway. I don't need to read it the first minute it gets posted either. Also, I have subscribed to many e-mail "notifications." Each time one arrives, I take a deep breath, and hit "unsubscribe." There, it's gone from my life and I'll never miss it.

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