What's in Your Refrigerator Today?

People are surprised that our frig is mostly empty, because we cook so much. I could easily list the things in there, but I won't bore you. We try to buy as much stuff fresh as possible and use it right away, so the frig isn't filled with aging foods. We tend not to use a lot of condiments, so there are just the basics. I have diligently eliminated as many as possible over time. Things that are always there: milk, butter sticks (real) and spreadable (real), jams, juice (lime and/or orange), salsa, pickles, eggs, parmesan cheese (real, big chunk).

One way to keep it cleaned out is to eat up the leftover bits for lunch. Today's invented lunch: Mexican whatever. Brown rice (leftover from a dinner about a week ago), about 3 Tbs of taco meat (why did we save that?), 2 sticks of string cheese, cut into chunks, sliced deli turkey meat (for more protein) and spoonfuls of salsa. Heat in microwave for 2 minutes. Serve with 3 small fresh tomatoes. Lunch!


Anonymous said...

I think maybe that taco meat was something that Ty left there!!! LOL

michelle said...

I love leftovers. Anything and everything left over in our house goes into my salad and that is dinner. Loved the pictures of your trip!