Epicenter Again

Last night we felt a doosie, for sure (there's that college-level vocab for you). It hit at 11:40 PM, right after we fell asleep. It rocked for quite a long time. My bedside lamp fell over. When it was done, we got up to check around. The pictures were all askew on the walls, but still up. The chandelier was swaying, but everything looked fine, until we noticed the pantry. Why didn't I think to check the pantry when I put the china and crystal away yesterday?

Two wine bottles fell about six feet onto the hardwood, shattering glass and splashing red wine everywhere. Approximately a dozen herb jars and cans were mixed in with the smear on the floor. I wish I had been a good journalist and grabbed my camera, but all I could think was get this out of here before another wave comes.

After we cleaning up, we turned on the news. People called in from all over Reno and Sparks. The aftershocks kept rolling, although diminishing. A news truck arrived around the corner, then they figured out the this water flume broke and had a waterfall pouring out of it. They diverted the water into the ditch that runs behind our house. They think a boulder crashed into it.

The official number is 4.7, and we kept saying that's not right. But if you look at the seimso chart, there was a 3.3, followed 10 seconds later by the 4.7. And the longitude and latitude readings show the epicenter was literally 200 feet from our house!


Barbara C. said...

4.7 and 3.3 hit almost simultaneously. It was a "doosy" I agree. I'm ready for them to stop! Stay safe

Bobbie said...

We heard about the quake on the news in Yuma.Glad you and Brad are OK,
Angel Hugs....Bobbie