Road Trip – Part II

The really nice thing about a surprise road trip is that you have no idea what pleasures are around the corner. You might find yourself cruising through thrift and vintage shops, or picnicking, or having a wonderfully authentic Italian meal, or watching a kick ass bluegrass band in a punk club. Who knows?

These are some the delights we found:

Driving through the greenest hillsides filled with happy cows, goats, sheep.
The Devil Makes 3 playing to the craziest mosh pit I’ve ever encountered at the Phoenix in Petaluma (we hid in the balcony to watch).
70 degree temps and sunshine in Amy & Ty’s garden, abloom with flowering quince, camillas, daffodils, candytuft and more.
Breakfast with mimosas at the Two Crows Roadhouse, funky little restaurant on Bodega Rd.
Cheesecake brownie and oatmeal bars from Dean & Deluca.
Auburgine Vintage Emporium –the best used clothing store I’ve ever seen (in Sebastopol and Occidental).
Amy cooked multigrain oatmeal for breakfast with dried cranberries, organic sugar, cinnamon, fresh ginger, grated orange zest, topped with bananas and almond slices. Yum!
The little teeny town of Bodega, home of the famous church from the movie, The Birds.
The family owned Volpi Ristorante in Petaluma--been there since 1925.
We went to IKEA for the very first time (didn't buy anything though).
Circled back to Truckee to see Poor Man’s Whiskey at Bar of America--we had to give up at 12:30AM, but the band and the crowd were still going strong.


Tiffany said...

Road trips are the best! They are the epitome of living in the moment and fan that fire of spontaneity in your soul, something that we often neglect.

Happy road trippin'!

LAURA said...

looks like so much fun! (and warm, sigh, which i haven't seen in what seems like years!)