Car Travel List

What would you do if your husband called at 11AM to say that he wants to leave at noon? No destination, just get in the car and drive. I started piling things to take next to the back door, so we could load them directly into the car when he got home. Here’s what I took, in addition to clothes and toiletries:

Our two favorite pillows
A warm down duvet, rolled up like a sleeping bag
One heavy blanket, for sitting on the beach, using as a tablecloth on a picnic table, or wrapping up in, if it’s very cold
One fleece, one fleece vest, one thin jacket, one windbreaker jacket (various combos will work in any situation)
walking shoes

Our two favorite tea mugs
Two plastic wine cups
A very sharp knife
A corkscrew
Two forks, two spoons, in a ziplock
small ice chest

A book, a stack of magazines
camera, batteries, and all accessories in a small case
laptop computer, wireless connector, and accessories in a small case

mix of dried fruits (cherries, golden raisins, etc) and nuts in a ziplock
sugar and tea in a ziplock with a plastic spoon
fresh fruit (whatever is in the house)
two bottles of wine, one white, one red

Brad’s I-pod
GPS system (so we don’t get lost)
Debit card, credit card

These few items will pretty much keep me happy no matter what circumstances I find myself in while traveling. Car travel is very different from air travel, when you can’t bring most of this stuff. We’re on a road trip!

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