Bring on the Black Currants

I adore black currant flavored anything. It surprises me that when I’m in England, black currant is always a choice and in the US it is never a choice. I think it is because the children grow up drinking Ribena, a flavored syrup that you add to water. Black currant is in candy, cough drops, and jams, and pastries. It’s everywhere.

It was amazing two years ago when pomegranates became the hot fruit choice. Now I feel the time is right to do the same thing with black currants here. We need a MAJOR AD CAMPAIGN. Full of vitamins! Nutritious antioxidants! Delicious too! Buy some today!

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Anonymous said...

I love black currants. I hope my black currant bushes produce better this year. It would be so nice if we could buy them in the stores.

One other black currant item sold in Britain is Yogurt. I'm sure there are others.

I just found out if you click on your small photo's on the right of the screen, the photo's pop up much bigger.

Love Mom