Quick Hint Tuesday

English placemats—these cork bottomed placemats are approximately 8x11 inches. They are the perfect size for a small plate or bowl, but we mostly use them as hot plates to insulate the table from hot serving dishes. For some odd reason, in the US, you can only find the bigger 12x15 and smaller coaster sizes. I don’t know why because it is obvious that this is the best size. I got these in England. They have them in every store in amazing patterns. You could find them online, I’m sure.

ZenHabits.net—the website addresses issues of organization, purpose, balance, peace in your life. If you become a regular reader, I’m sure your life would improve.

Raw Sugar—I love using these big sparkly chunks of sugar on my oatmeal. They are so pretty. It has to better for you than straight white granulated sugar, right?

Palette Generator—This is sooooo cool. If you put a picture into the program, it comes up with a harmonious color palette that matches. This is a boon for any scrapbooker trying to match papers to your photos. It will take any photos that are on your computer, you do not need to use Flickr.

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