Grateful Friday

I don't know where to begin this week:

Seeing everyone that we love and know in one place at the same time was overwhelming and wonderful. All the cards and gifts and hugs and love. The wild enthusiastic feeling in the room, pure energy. And all the lovely people who stopped by the house on their way in or out of town.

And then there's the down time: moments alone, perfect silent in the house, looking through photos of loved ones, the kettle on the boil.

Brad and I skipped out of a social engagement, just because we were having too much fun together, at home, alone.

Finished all those nasty payroll tax forms (for two businesses!), done for another year.

Free books arriving in the mail from paperbackswap.com

Getting Brad to go with me to see one of those long, drawn out, period piece movies (Atonement), without complaint, although I know he didn't like it.

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