Half Moon Bay – Part I

Half Moon Bay fulfills all the requirements for a great vacation spot. I know that people usually want a coastal vacation in the summer, but really December is a wonderful time to be here. While the temperature is on the cool side, so are the things to do around here. There are cute little shops on Main Street, including book stores, gift boutiques, and antique stores. The one that you can’t miss is called Half to Have It; what a wonderland of amazing items they sell! Antiques and garden items everywhere. A very nice, relaxing way to get Christmas shopping done without the crowds. Last night, the annual Festival of Lights commenced with a tree lighting ceremony, a hometown parade, and a “sit down” marching band.

Over at the Pillar Point Harbor we had lunch at the popular Barbara’s Fish Trap on Wednesday. And Friday night we dined Italian-style at Mezza Luna, authentic, quality food, quite reasonable prices. Half Moon Bay Brewery, which hosts some excellent musicians. As a matter of fact, we have extended our stay for one more night so we will be here when Daniel Castro plays on Sunday. Brad went to the Flying Fish Grill to get a fresh crab and the man there insisted that he take a loaf of Half Moon Bay Bakery sourdough bread to go with it for free.

There is a bike path the links several beaches along the coast. Near the harbor, we found a short walk through the marshlands. When the storm surge hits, the town is overrun with surfers here for the Mavericks. The monstrous waves can get to be 50 feet high. I’d love to see that. Tomorrow we will explore all the nurseries and Christmas tree farms that are just outside the town.

We’re staying the campground at Francis Beach. Our campsite is literally 50 feet from the beach. Just look at the view out the back window!

Our first night we invited the young couple staying next door to share our campfire. Turns out that they were Australians touring the world..Japan, China, Siberian Express to Moscow, the Eastern block countries, Italy, Spain, England, then to NY, across all of the northern states, down Washington, Oregon, to Yosemite, through the Southwest (Utah, Arizona) to LA and back up the coast to here. Oh, my, what a trip! They were a blast to talk to.

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