Campfires & Christmas Lights

What an unusual way to spend Christmas. Brad has been saying for the last few years, “Let’s go to the coast for Christmas.” But I couldn’t see the point, Christmas is for family, the coast will be there all the time. But since we had Christmas early, with more to come later, it seems good to be here.

And the campground is full; we are not the only ones with this idea. Walking past the line of RV’s, everyone has Christmas decorations, little parties happening around campfires. Life on the beach is just different. Casual, fun, relaxed. No media pressure for a “perfect” Christmas. No demands. No shopping til you drop. Just a simple meal and a campfire.

As I told a friend, society’s psychological expectations have messed up our ability to find joy in the holidays. Let go of those burdens and just let the celebration unfold and you’ll find more happiness.

I wish you much peace in your heart, whatever your celebrations are.

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Tina Vega said...

it sounds heavenly...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!