My Photo in Wikipedia

Dave Alvin, originally uploaded by c8mills.

I am thrilled to death! Yesterday someone named Bruce Andersen contacted me and said he was updating the Dave Alvin entry in Wikipedia. Could he have permission to use my photo from Flickr? Hell, yeah! So that's my picture that I took at Crystal Bay last month in the upper right corner.

About two months ago, I started a new group on Flickr for Dave Alvin. It's easy to do, just think of a category and you become administrator of a new group. Then I cruised around searching for good pictures of Dave and invited the photographers to add their photos to the group. Everyone is flattered that their picture is noticed, so they send it in. But of course, a guy looking for Dave Alvin pictures would look here first.

Once again, I find that by innocently sending things I love out into the world, unexpected good things come back to me. Please, please, find ways to share your passions. You never know what the cosmos might send back.


Anonymous said...

How exiting!


B.G. Andersen said...

You're welcome!

Nessie Noodle said...

oh how very cool! that is exciting and very flattering. Your photos rock, and deserve to be seen :)

have a good weekend