Happy Blogiversary

Well, exactly one year ago today, I woke up, turned on the laptop, and started this blog for absolutely no reason. What did I think that I had to say to the universe? Lots of the things that I thought I wanted to say, I’ve never got around to saying. I often type up whole pages and then they get sidestepped as other things come to the forefront.

“Your world will expand or contract in relation to your courage.” I read this quote and I get chills recognizing the deep truth of it. It took a lot of courage for me to put myself forward through my words and pictures. It gives me a voice without having to face strangers. It gives me a thrill every time someone says, “I read your blog.” Create and send it out into the world, without any attachments to what happens after that. I am offering myself to the unknown and who knows where that will lead. I am willing to see.

I get statistics on how many people view my blog. I am thrilled that I have so many new readers. That means not all of you are personal friends and family. I get hits from all around the world: India, Argentina, Mylasia, Sweden. It’s amazing. I don’t know how or why they come. And I doubt that they stay long, but it’s still cool. Also, I have loyal readers that return over and over: Des Moines IA, Hialeah FL, and Boucherville QC. I also have many in the Sacramento area that I can’t tell apart.

I realize that when I write my Grateful Friday posts, not all of it makes sense. Sometimes they are secret messages to particular people. Sometimes they are secret messages that only I understand. But they are really important to me, so try and figure them out or ignore them. At least it makes it more interesting than just writing the same thing every week.

I have purposely avoided putting my own picture on the blog. There are a few places where you can see my back or other obscured images of me. There is only one full face photo. Can you find it?

I have to say that this blog has added different dimensions, a fresh perspective. It forces me to examine aspects of my life, choose what to share, (and what not to share), and to write and photograph it in ways that make sense. I guess that I will soldier on….I hope that you’ll stick with me on the journey.


Anonymous said...

The picture of you is in the Costa Rica collage that you put together, with the music and stuff. I remember that with out even trying to find it!


Vica said...

I enjoyed your blogaversarie. i am just starting and sometimes I sit in front of the computer and get afraid of putting my ideas out to the world. I have enjoyed the sparkles of inspiration a couple of times and it is great to have the blog to post them. Then again I also feel funny sometimes writing in English but for now my language doesn't flow so easily in Spanish for now.
Some day I'll catch up with your great collection.