Artist Date: Cabela’s

I’m not sure that this qualifies for a true artist’s date because I was with a lot of other people, so I wasn’t concentrating as much as I should have been and also I am disturbed by the dead animal element to this store. But on the other hand, the opportunity to take close up shots of intensely beautiful animals (who poise perfectly still) is too tempting.

Cabela’s claims to be the world’s largest outdoor outfitter, which means they specialize in hunting and fishing equipment. They have everything you can think of, and a lot more than you could ever imagine. My personal favorite was the "Slip On Butt Cover" (for your gun, of course). The grand opening was last weekend at the new Boomtown store. We waited until Monday night to let the crowds clear out a little.

The overall impression as you enter is commanding. Your eye naturally goes past all of the clothing, equipment, and checkstands, to the soaring ceilings and chandeliers, following along until coming to rest on a large African Elephant in the center. Among the sale items there is a café, a large arcade-type shooting range, an archery range, and a gigantic aquarium with native species, and endless dead stuffed animals, which are called “mounts,” for whatever reason. No matter what your opinion on game hunting, it is, without a doubt, very impressive.


Anonymous said...

I love strolling through Cabela's. I can always find something to buy. Apparently they are moving West. I didn't realize they were doing so. I'm sure you enjoyed viewing and taking pictures of their wildlife. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


Bobbie said...

I remember going to Cabels in Minnesota.Quite a store !!!
Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Tiffany said...

I've heard Cabela's is pretty awesome to stroll through (their opening in Maine next spring). LL Bean just opened a hunting & fishing store in response to the Cabela's store and they have a native fish aquarium with a bubble that you can get into and see inside the aquarium (can't wait to see it!).

Love the picts!

Anonymous said...

I may have to make a special trip to visit Cabela's. It certainly looks inviting.

Love Mom
P.S. I hope you are being paid an advertising fee.