Grateful Friday

The robins and flickers go nuts when the juniper berries by our back door ripen. They fly around crazily, diving and swooping. Great fun to watch.

My bootleg Todd Snider CD from the Santa Cruz show arrived in the mail—it’s all here: the songs, the stories, the crowd, the Nervous Wrecks, Will solos, Tommy’s newest song, The Devil Makes Three, In Spite of Ourselves! If you are reading this and want a copy, send your snail mail address to me at c8mills [at] yahoo [dot] com. I will send it to you for free. Don’t worry, Todd likes us to share his music with the world.

My new plaid cotton jammies.

Toasty warm toes – we turned on the Heatizon for the first time this year. Oh, it feels so good to have radiant heated floors.

Mellowcreme Pumpkins

It’s DAVE ALVIN day!!!!!!


Dominique said...

Those mellowcreme pumpkins look delicious!

Barbara C. said...

Robins are "flocking" big time in Reno! It is going to be a horrible, whoops, I mean a great winter!!!!