Best of my Life

Where to begin?...with the ham and gruyere cheese croissant? the gigantic strawberry cheesecake crepe, with chocolate? or the heaping plate of deep fried ravioli with sundried tomato sauce? Yes, I ate huge quantities of all those things and relished every bite.

Or should I tell you about the adorable beach cottages in Santa Cruz? Quaint, right on a private little cove. Nice cliff views. Gorgeous sunshine. I watched a clematis flower open right before my eyes, and then a hummingbird came.

Or maybe that Brad and I had an epiphany in our relationship this last week. After 30 years of being together, we reconnected and broke into a whole ‘nother world.

Or the music…we went to Santa Cruz specifically to see Todd Snider…sold out show…brought that town to its knees…or my first Will Kimbrough solo show on Thursday night? That was great too.

No, I think it must be that I had a personal quiet conversation with Todd and his wife on the deck overlooking the ocean on a fine day. He was so warm and happy and welcoming. He introduced Brad and me to Elvis and Will, like we were friends. In my world, this is like meeting the pope. I didn’t want to be a total dweeb and ask for a photo with him, so no proof. And no bonfire, like he promised. But overall, all I ever wanted.

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like perfection to me!