Weekend Recap

So, now, I have a dilemma. I had another fabulous weekend, the kind that leaves you on Sunday evening with your heart expanded, all full and warm, resting comfortably against your rib cage. Yes, it truly was that good. So, do I tell you all about it, like I seem to do every Monday morning? Going on and on about where we went and who we saw and what we ate…blah, blah, blah.

When I started this blog, I specifically wanted it to be about YOU, not me. And it’s turned into too much about me. I am hoping that by telling you what we do, you’ll get inspired to do similar things too.

When I tell you about the fun we had at a spontaneous BBQ at Mike and Margie’s house (we sort of called them up and invited ourselves and friends), I hope that you’ll think about a few people you know that you could call for next Friday. If I tell you about a gorgeous outdoor wedding on a balmy Saturday afternoon, I wish that you would look for joy and the wonder of love at the next wedding you go to. If you look around you might even find something exceptional like the Drum, Dance and Didgeridoo Festival that we went to on Saturday night. And dancing barefoot in the grass on the shores of Lake Tahoe to Chris Cain is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon that I can imagine. When was the last time that you danced, free and happy?

Make a promise to yourself to buy the local Friday paper and cruise around for unique things happening in your hometown. Does the museum have a new exhibit? Is the garden center giving free demonstrations? Is there an unusual festival happening in the next town? How about an antique show or flea market? There is always live music somewhere, often for free in a park. Just make an effort and plan some merriment into your life, don’t let the summer slip by, doing yard work and watching tv, get out there and make something fun happen before summer’s gone.

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