Grateful Friday

Fireworks at Donner Lake, for locals only, so you see all the people that you never see the rest of the year. It's amazing that a tourist economy will take the biggest holiday of the year and close it off to all tourists. Long story. But I love it, 'cause my daughter lives there and we still get in.

Not going to Hayward Blues Festival. I'm as surprised as you are that we would choose to miss out on some great music, but we need a break and we are going out next weekend anyway. I am relieved to be able to stay home to read and scrapbook.

Early morning walks. I changed my usual evening stroll to the morning, because it's been so hot here. (Matched the all time Reno high yesterday of 108, which I am not grateful for). I prefer getting up early in the cool of the day and being outside.

Postcards. Again, this has been a real joy in my life. Seeing what all these creative woman can do with a 4x6 piece of paper is amazing.

Sleeping outside. Yes, we really have a bed outside and we finally got it set up this week. Last night it rained on us, but we didn't leave, just snuggled deeper under the covers.

Inventing homemade smoothie combinations. Best one this week: frozen pineapple tidbits from Trader Joe's, apricot stew, Kern's mango juice, Simply Lime juice, a few fresh strawberries.

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