Tuesday Quick Hints

Rottentomatoes.com: This website compiles the reviews of hundreds of movie critics and then gives each movie a score based on the average. This is a fair way to represent the quality of a film, no one critic can unduly influence the score. If it gets over 70 percent it is “fresh” or under 70 gets a “rotten” tomato. There’s a “tomatometer” at the top for the exact score and quotes from various critics, so you can see why they rated it. Look under the tabs at the top for “Tomato Picker” and “Certified Fresh.”

Take off Labels: We are crowded in our lives with too much advertising. I prefer that my home is a quiet refuge from all that, so I go around pouring contents into clear jars and pulling the labels off shampoo bottles. It’s very satisfying.

Quick Panting: Give your insides a good quick workout by panting deeply for a minute. Take a big breath and let it out in short strong bursts until you can’t get any more out. You’ll feel the muscles around your diaphragm tighten. It’s great exercise for your core muscles.

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