Janice Marlene Mills

I am sorry for the blankness of my posts. We lost Brad's brave, sweet mother this morning. We struggle to understand what has happened and all that we need to do at this difficult time. For all of you that have been so kind to us thorough this, bless you. Please be patient with me. I promise I will not desert you. I just need a little time.


Anonymous said...

Jan was a wonderful caring person. Through her painful, difficult times she was always cheerful. She was the bravest person I ever met. I loved her. Her death will leave a huge hole in our extended family.


Anonymous said...

My sister was so brave as she prepared herself to pass to the other side. Jan was ready and not afraid to embark on this journey. For 50 years she endured so much pain but she never complained. Although I'm sad I'm also happy knowing that she is now free of all pain. I am going to miss her so much. She was my inspiration. We talked on the phone often and knowing that we will never be able to do that again makes me sad. Dying is so final... Although she has passed she has touched so many lives and because of this she will live in all of our hearts for ever.