Alone Time

Brad’s gone golfing in Arizona for four days, leaving me alone at home. (collective sighs of pity, I’m sure). Actually I really like it. I can do whatever I want, making a special effort to treat myself well.

First I clean everything. All clutter is moved immediately. Clean sheets go on the bed. Scrub the kitchen spotless. Anything I don’t want to eat is thrown out of the frig. Necessary work is dispatched ASAP.

Next I get to prepare for the good stuff. A trip to the library (stay for as long as I want). Stop at the grocery store for easy delicious foods that I don’t usually allow myself.

Then the real pleasure begins. Long hot baths. Endless reading. facials. Soup. A walk in the rain. Leftover birthday cake. Maybe a movie that I’ve been waiting to see. For four days.

Why don’t I live like this everyday? Probably because, like everyone, I get caught up in regular life. Brad’s presence is compelling. When he’s here, he fills the house with life, which is wonderful. Everything needs attention. And I need to participate in life too. I can’t just hide here and ignore everything. That’s what makes the alone times all the more special.

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