I Love You More When You're Walking Away

Moments to hold in my memory forever –

orlando. talking with todd snider. the nervous wrecks two nights in a row. pura vida in costa rica. trying out my new canon powershot digital camera. burning the christmas tree in the firepit. our empty nest. a bath in my new tub. spotting spout (and occasionally tail) at bodega bay. fireworks on the beach. families' picnic at coloma. a birthday party at the river. dave alvin's standing ovations at santa cruz blues festival. hell or high water. camping with the family at big sur/pismo. playing apples to apples. controlled burn fire dancers at the drums, dance, and digeroo festival. sleeping outside. filling our bags at the farmer’s market with scrumptious goodies. thunderstorm at pinocchio’s. dancing on the beach at lake tahoe. cruisin’ around the playa on my scooter at burning man. saying goodbye to my dad. book club. friends and family passes to hardly strictly bluegrass festival. seacliff. celebrating bill and jan’s 50th anniversary. starting the blog. finally putting all the scrapbooks in order. buttcracker.

farewell 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Memories that are always in my mind to be recalled when I need to remind myself how lucky I am. Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, with the most wonderful family. Completely secure in their love and knowing they would never let any harm come to me. On warm summer Iowa nights, laying on a blanket with my dad, mom & sister looking at the stars. What peace. Remembering that I was once so agile, before arthritis. I can still see my three children, so healthy and carefree; running & playing in the wide open spaces of Amarillo, Texas. Our family walking in the woods of Germany and exploring the ruins of an old castle. The day I realized the kids were all grown up and hoping I had given them the tools they needed to make their way through life. My grandchildren playing in the pool & on the front porch on El Lujo Way. The day I met Bill and what I had on, a red bathing suit. Mothers Day picnics at Coloma. A most precious family tradition. Our 50th wedding anniversary and how special our children & grandchildren made it. Memories are always being made and stored in our mind, to be recalled when we want them. Love Jan