I don't know why I've felt such a strong pull to start a blog. I've seriously never even contemplated it before. Two days ago the idea started in the back of my brain and this morning I woke up feeling like I had to do it. Honestly, it's way too easy to do. Go to Blogger.com and follow the instructions. Next thing you know you're typing away like me right now.

I intend to use this for my family and friends to follow my life and see where it goes. Not just as a "all about me" site, but more "here's what I'm doing, could you do something similiar?" I really hope people will use the comments section to add and elaborate and share their lives too. Please give this to your family and friends too. The more people contibute and expand, the more we all benefit.

The title is a fluke. As you start a blog, you answer questions as they appear on the screen. I hadn't considered this at all and I was not prepared in anyway for a title. I grabbed a folder that I always keep on my desk called "Inspiration." The first article on top was about yoga poses called "Home Stretch." It was so appropriate because Home is the center of my life. I adore my house and cherish all the time that I can be here. Stretching is such a great verb -- extending, reaching, enlarging, broadening, putting forth. All things that I am hoping to do.

Ali Edwards (http://aliedwards.typepad.com/) is my inspiration for this. I get so much joy from learning about her world as a "life artist." It starts with scrapbooking, moves into telling stories of your life, and then out into the world as your art. I have had the luxury of time to search out beauty and joy and happiness in my life and now I feel the need to share what I've found out as I continue the journey.


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